About US




Our company was founded in 1992 as a distributor for electronic components.

Our scope of business is expanding more and more from semiconductors to complex units and finished products. As official representative of our vendors we offer

  • M2M industrial data trasmission solutions
    • wired and wireless devices
    • other embedded and non-embededd devices
    • GSM,GPS modules
  • Single Board Computers (SBC)
  • Solid State drives (SSD)
  • RFID (readers, proximity cards, TAGs)
  • Power LEDs
  • Remote monitoring
  • RF connectors.

Our main goal is

  • to become a reliable partner of local customers by providing up-to-date technical and competitive commercial service
  • to develop a long term relationship based on mutual confidence
  • to contribute to the success of our customer’s design activity by offering
  • engineering consultation
  • samples (ex stock or with short-term delivery)
  • development kit rental.



Macro Budapest ltd.
H1115 Budapest, Tétényi út 8.





Technical support:  Gabor Turi, FAE gabor.turi@macrobudapest.hu
Commercial contacts: Borbély Ágnes, agnes.borbely@macrobudapest.hu
Operations manager:  Annamaria Papp, annamaria.papp@macrobudapest.hu
Managing director: Eva Karner,  eva.karner@macrobudapest.hu

MACRO BUDAPEST Ltd. - D&B Diamond Certificate